Our Mission: "to re-open the viaduct as a footpath and eventually a cycle path"

Extract from 13 September 2019 Cumberland News Editorial:

"Much of the progress which has been made (towards re-opening the viaduct) is due to the persistence of Carlisle Waverley Viaduct Trust. The group's volunteers have given countless hours to a cause backed by the vast majority of people in the city. We applaud their effort and trust that councillors will help to ensure those efforts are not in vain."

A message from our Directors to the County and City Councillors

We thank the local councillors who are supporting the project both financially and in the council chamber. We are very grateful for that.

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A message of support from our Patron



A message of support from our Patron
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NEW Public path creation order approved at Development Control meeting on 12/10/18 Click Here for Cumberland News Report
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