Our Beginnings

There is an on-going campaign to re-open the Waverley Viaduct. A petition to re-open the viaduct to the public was discussed at a full City Council meeting on 4 May 2010. The decision reached included a pledge that a representative of the petition's organisers should be 'involved and kept informed of progress'. This has not happened. Since then a sub-committee of Sustainable Carlisle 'The Save the Waverley Viaduct Group' have been working with the public, the media, council officers and supportive councillors to get the viaduct re-opened to the public sooner rather than later. A packed public meeting on Wednesday 7th September 2011 at Newtown Road Methodist Church Hall received an audio visual presentation on the issue and was extremely supportive of our cause. Currently BRB in residuary, the organisation in charge of the viaduct, are attempting to have planning permission for the 'temporary barrier' now in place extended for a further three years. We opposed this application as it would only further delay the re-opening of the viaduct and give the council a further excuse for doing nothing. since then our campaign has continued until in 2015 we decided to form a charitable trust.

The Planning Committee of Friday 10 July 2015 Barrier Decision

Both Andrew Kirkpatrick and David Ramshaw spoke to the committee and were very well received. Some very positive comments were made by councillors from all parties. We now have the council behind us. For the decision on the planning application view the pdf Here . Read the important provisions at the end regarding support for our cause.

On 2 July 2015 The Waverley Viaduct Trust was incorporated as a company (No 09668596)

Latest Briefing Letter, 7 July 2015 and check out below the 'Latest Publicity' link on the button below.

Latest 15/05/2015 replacing the parapet stones Click here