Stop Press

Carlisle City Council has agreed to progress with  a Public Path Creation Order (PPCO) for a public right of way over a small area of land north of the river Eden. The land concerned is shaded pink on the drawing below. The order will only go ahead on condition that CWVT cover all costs, maximum £30.000 (thirty thousand pounds) in a written agreement. This is explained below.

This was needed in order for the project to be delivered of connecting Hadrian's Wall heritage trail on the south bank via the viaduct to the existing public footpath no. 109080 on the north bank as the owner of the land objects to the footpath being created. BUT THE PPCO WILL NOT BE MADE UNTIL THE COUNCIL IS SATISFIED THAT IT WILL BE ABLE TO RECOVER FROM CWVT ANY COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PPCO bearing in mind the possibility that if there are objections to the order the matter may be referred to the Secretary of State and a costly public inquiry held.

We now need to raise sufficient funds so that the Trust can confirm to the council that we will be able to cover any costs associated with the implementation of the PPCO.

So, if you wish to see the viaduct re-opened soon please support us NOW. You can donate directly via the BTdonate button on our Website or Facebook page. You can support our fund raising event at Vallum House on the 30th October. You may wish to bid in the Blind Auction for George Mcvittie's large oil painting of the viaduct. You can even fundraise for us yourself.

Remember the council will only proceed with the PPCO if we have sufficient funds in our account to cover the potential costs.